Elite Dangerous The Space Simulation Pc Video Game

Released on PC on April 2, 2015, Elite Dangerous is an original open-world gaming entry into the modern generation of space conquest. This is a vehicle combat simulation game. Like Jurassic World Evolution and Planet Zoo games, Elite Dangerous is a game developed by Frontier Developments.

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Elite Dangerous gameplay

In this game, you play as a space captain in charge of a spaceship. You have 1000 space backgrounds and all the space to explore. Will you make your fortune by shooting bad men from outer space? Where are you going to carve out a revenue shooting space? You might find riches in the rare space goods trade. Or perhaps you will explore the farthest depths of space itself, uncovering valuable and much sought-after information on the topic of 'what exactly is space'.

Elite Dangerous: a true open-world space

Elite: Dangerous offers a huge giant space playground. This is because the game's play area encompasses our entire galaxy, every star, and the planet, nebula, and moon that we know of, as well as billions more procedurally generated.

You're bolted into the cockpit of the game's most basic runaround ship, the Sidewinder, and then left to fend for yourself. There are three skills to fall into Exploration, Combat, and Trading, and so if Elite: Dangerous has a goal of its own, it's simply to thrive in this universe to the best of your ability within those settings. 

A decor more realistic than ever

The space simulation is very realistic in some aspects. Certainly, there is a lot of space. Each celestial body in the game is true to the correct physical distance, so flying from planet to planet in a system requires traveling at super-light speeds for several minutes per jaunt, as your destination changes from the pale blue point to the gas giant. filling the screen, or roaring ball glittering star of hot plasma fire. Traveling feels important when just getting somewhere takes so long.

Conquer our galaxy with Elite: Dangerous

It sounds rather boring, but while the first few hours can be a hindrance, the experience is hugely sweetened by what is arguably the most immersive and compelling deep-space recreation ever seen in a game. It's no wonder some fans have built elaborate, multi-monitor cockpits in their guest rooms or connected to the Oculus Rift.

Even without these tech aids even when played on a small monitor, it's still a game where you feel like you're floating in a tin can like Major Tom, the freezing void outside the canopy. and only your piloting skills between you and the ruthless cosmic turbulence and gravitational forces that could suffocate you in seconds.

Final words

Elite Dangerous is a well-designed space simulation game with unique visual effects and sumptuous settings. If you are a fan of space conquests like Han Solo in the Star War Saga or Captain Kirk in Star Trek, this game is perfect for you. Moreover, the game is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, XboxSerie X / S, and of course the PlayStation 5.