Four Major Rookie Mistakes In League Of Legends

Mistakes in games are inevitable. Beginners and experienced players alike admit them. The main difference is in their quantity as well as in their severity. Here are five major mistakes beginners make. You need to get rid of it as soon as possible to start playing better.

The first mistake is the wrong selection of options

The League of Legends has 140 characters, each of which can come up with a few interesting constructs. However, for a new player, the “building” of his character can be not only an overwhelming task but even a cause of defeat in the game. Lack of knowledge about what a particular character does, how to best face a particular enemy, what is better to buy in a particular situation, poor understanding of the functions of objects - all this becomes the reason for the wrong purchase. Learning this is easy, but takes a long time. First of all, it is advisable to play the pros and cons of all the characters in the game. This should be the main goal of any new player who wants to stay in the game for a long time. Secondly, you have to read and memorize the stats and actions of all the elements of the game. It sounds more complicated than it looks. And thirdly, it is worth asking which professional players buy this or that character. The network is full of sites that will help you with this information. There is no better adviser than the statistics of professional players. It will help the beginner to become better. Better yet you can It will help the beginner to become better. Better yet you can It will help the beginner to become better. Better yet you can buy elo boosting, ie a professional player will play for you. So you will be able to rank up and learn.

The second mistake is making suboptimal decisions

The beginner plays for Annie, the enemy Anivia has very little health, the newcomer "dives" under the enemy tower, throws all the skills to try to kill her, but it turns out that she has the passive skill " Renaissance ”, which brings her back to life, and Annie dies. This is a very sad example of making the wrong decision. The bitter experience of making mistakes helps in not doing it. The more you play, the more experience you gain and the less unwarranted decisions you will make, because you have already made those mistakes and you remember the consequences.

Pay attention to the minimap, listen to pings and allied chat communication, do not act if you are not 100% sure of the outcome.

Third mistake - too many characters

The tip above recommends that new players play for all characters at least once, but after that, you should focus on a small number of champions that you are comfortable playing for. In each new match, one should not go in the middle of different magicians, it is better to play long and hard for one, learn the limits of his strength and abilities, know his weaknesses. League of Legends - a game where diligence is rewarded. Statistics show that the average level of wins for players who have played 50-70 matches for one character is about 10% higher than for those who have only won a dozen. Choose yourself a few heroes on your mainline,

Fourth mistake - playing at a bad time

It goes without saying that the worse your mood, the worse your focus level and the worse you will play. If you lose three games in a row, don't run the fourth . You are angry and bored. These are not good conditions for showing the best qualities of the game. You should not play when you are sleepy, sick, or just feeling in a bad mood. The urge to play the game at all costs is not worth the frustrating experience that awaits you.