the best video game controllers for PC gamers

The best PC control is n't always a keyboard and mouse. Many games are best played with a PC gamepad or joystick . Video game controllers can give you more freedom to lay back and relax, as well as providing more precise control of movement in many cases.

Are you looking for a PC gamepad and don't know which one to choose? Don't worry, we have selected the best ones for you in this review. These are the best USB or wireless computer controls.

Microsoft Gamepad Xbox Wireless

The video game controller Xbox from Microsoft has been the rule by which others are measured gamepads since the days of the Xbox 360. The latest version, designed for Xbox One, repeats everything that made the previous model was great.

This Xbox controller for PC maintains its very comfortable overall design with textured rubber grips and a far superior D-pad. The built-in Bluetooth wireless connection makes it easy to pair with your computer, while its price makes it attractive to gamers on a budget.

Logitech F310

If you're looking for the best cheap PC joystick, it's hard to beat the Logitech F310. It's a basic computer controller, but this is precisely what gives it an advantage: while premium video game controls offer so many excessive and overwhelming customization options; the Logitech F310 simply plugs in via USB and is ready to go. It has an excellent directional pad and a good button design.

The negative? It is light and therefore somewhat flimsy, plus it is small and may not appeal to players with very large hands. It also doesn't have a wireless connection.

Sony DualShock 4

We think this game controller is Sony's best to date. The DualShock 4 is very comfortable in the hands, it has tactile analog sticks and perhaps the best directional pad of all time. It also has motion technology that is compatible with a huge number of games. This allows, for example, driving in a racing game or aiming in shooter games by moving the controller. You can connect the computer joystick using Bluetooth connectivity.

Trust Gamepad GTX 590 Bosi

This is a wireless game controller for computers and cell phones. It has a built-in smartphone mount, two analog sticks, thirteen responsive buttons, and two pressure-sensitive buttons for shooting shooters. It is comfortable and has good ergonomics, it is light but the buttons and levers are solid. It is compatible with Android (smartphone, tablet or SmartTV with Android 4.0.2 or higher) and with Windows (7, 8, or 10) via Bluetooth.

Naceb Gamepad NA-0917

The Naceb Gamepad NA-0917 is a very basic but cheap PC joystick. It works well and sets up quickly with an included driver. The build is nice and the design closely mimics early Sony PlayStation controls. It is compatible with most games but it is lightweight and the quality is not the best. The 1.45-meter cable may be a bit short for some gamers.