the best virtual reality games for PC of the year

What is the best virtual reality game? There is a huge variety of VR games. And as virtual reality glasses become more popular, many more titles will come.

We have tested several of the virtual PC games of the moment and we strive to find the ones that we believe are the best of the year.

Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx belongs to the genre of virtual reality first person shooter games. Five years before the events of Half-Life 2, Alyx Vance (that is, you, the only hope for the survival of the human species), finds herself guarding City 17.

Whether you're a fan of the Half-Life series or not, it's safe to say that Half-Life: Alyx is a must-have title for virtual reality gamers eager to experience the latest innovations in the VR gaming genre.

Minecraft VR

Minecraft Virtual Reality places you directly in the world of Minecraft, where you can build whatever you can think of or go on adventures to obtain resources the hard way. Go head to head with the creepers and enjoy the 3D audio that creates even more fear in the caves.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

In this survival horror game, you can kill zombies by stabbing them in the head and piercing the brain, which is much grimmer in VR. You can also scale buildings to ambush enemies and attack from a distance with throwing weapons, bows, and firearms.

The combat is really gored, as weapons get stuck on enemies, requiring you to pull and force them out or go all the way through.

Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars: Squadrons is the best way to experience space combat set in the timeline of the original trilogy. You can choose from a bunch of well-known Star Wars ships and you can even customize it to make it work and look more at your convenience.

While it may not be one of the best VR games on the market, it does do a good job of making yourself feel like a pilot from the Star Wars universe. Flying ships through space is a lot of fun and the implementation of virtual reality is so good that it now feels mandatory for future games in the series.

Iron Man VR

This is one of the best virtual games to pretend that you are in the Avengers. Take control of the Iron Man suit, navigate obstacles, punch and shoot to defeat your enemies. You can customize the suit and there is a campaign game mode.

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series

In Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series, you are a common smuggler who must infiltrate Darth Vader's stronghold on the planet Mustafar. Your path is blocked by enemies, which you can face with your lightsaber, and puzzles in which you will have to use your head to advance.