The Ibraining Memory Games And Tests To Memorize

Memory requires training so that it can remain agile and efficient. For this, it is necessary to make it work regularly. It is not a question here of tiring the gray matter too much but rather of maintaining it.

 Everyone has their own way of doing it and everyone can adopt different techniques. It should also be noted that gray matter is like all the organs of the body. Its cells age with age and it gradually loses its capacity. So to avoid forgetting everything quickly, it suffices to train your memory well. iBraining, a site for games and memory tests is made for this purpose.

What is iBraining?

iBraining is a platform offering various entertainment that all have one goal: to work on memory. Games are actually exercises and practices designed to train gray matter.

Access to this site is free and it is possible to practice at any time of the day. If the player wishes to see his progress, he can register on the site and have identification. This allows him to store his results and thus, to see how much he has evolved. Statistics on his route will be given to him.

It should be noted that iBraining is a personal initiative. The site has no affiliation. The data provided during registration is therefore not used for any commercial purpose. They will remain stored on the site only.

The goal of this platform is to help everyone to optimize their memory capacity by offering training games. It is particularly user-friendly, easy to use and very easy to handle because it does not require any particular knowledge of the Internet world.

There are always new games on the site. In addition, managers are always available to users. They can give explanations and answers to their questions. Games on iBraining are accessible to any age group. All you need is a computer and a connection to be able to play.

How to choose the game on iBraining?

Players are free to choose the game that suits them. The site offers a few categories of games to choose from including memorization, concentration, location, colors, memory, N-black and Simon.

Once you have entered one of these categories, you still have to choose between playing with numbers or with letters, with a small, medium or large memory, etc.

All games generally seem easy at first but as you get stuck in them you can see that they all require a fair amount of memory.

The principle of the game is simple, each player can evolve until he decides to stop. He can also change games and test all categories. If he wants to come back and know his latest scores, he just has to register, which is completely free.


Teach Your Brain by Playing Brainy games and Keep up dates your mind.