These Summer Games That Make The Holiday Smack

Summer got off to a flying start with the PlayStation 4! The mad dogs of Naughty Dogs gave us the long-awaited The Last of Us 2 , soon to be followed hopefully by  Ghost of Tsushima proposed by Sucker Punch. 

Action, just the right amount of difficulty, and the right dose of thrill that goes well, the door open to frenzied gaming sessions! And when the urge for softer games is felt between two clashes against the infected Jackson? Well, the options are just as good. 2020 has concocted us a beautiful vintage of light and colorful titles, perfect for taking a deep breath of fresh air. On the way to vacation?

On the ground

Although generally in the minority in the world of video games, management games still bring together many enthusiasts who were firmly waiting for the very American  Railway Empire. Here, it's a one-way trip to the Far West.

Not a single big city, not a shopping mall or a casino bathed in lights in which to indulge in your online gambling prefer. The wide-open spaces are breathtaking, barely crossed by the steam train which is just in its infancy. Your mission as a future great railroad magnate, to link the various cities of America from the 18th century to the 19th century by carefully choosing the layout of the tracks, the type of locomotives, or the location of stations for example.

A fabulous trip that would have benefited from being a little more intuitive but which will take you to South America!

Halfway between dry land and the aquatic world,  The Catch: Carp & Coarse gives us the right to a tough game of fishing by allowing us to capture no less than eleven legendary boss fish across the planet! Joystick in hand, we alternate between moments of relaxation and moments of precision.

The fight is tough. The Catch keeps all of its promises.

Under the waves

More than 20 years of existence already but SpongeBob SquarePants continues to find its audience generation after generation. SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Réhydr até sign the remake of the adventure of the same name published in 2003 and was then known her little success.

17 years later, Plankton has not yet learned the lesson and takes us into a tasty 3D platform game, quirky and faithful to the original license. To discover solo or in multiplayer to wait together while waiting for the reissue of  Super Mario Sunshine which should indeed see the light of day.

Elsewhere under the ocean, it's  Beyond Blue that makes us underwater explorers. The tone is more serious of course, but the moment matters. You are about to reveal to the general public a mysterious unknown creature! At least if you manage to approach him. So in the meantime, we analyze the bottom of the oceans, we collect various objects and we take pleasure in evolving in the middle of an extremely rich underwater fauna.

With  Maneater,  on the other hand, it is we who become the creature. The missions would perhaps have benefited from being more worked out but the open world is vast, the handling is easy and the moments of bloody attack absolutely striking. We love!

On higher ground

Exercise obliges, this time we opt for the mountain bike of  Lonely Mountains: Downhill. Steep slopes, canyons, and high peaks carefully crafted despite a limited budget pass before our eyes for a break both sporting and relaxing. It's good for the thighs and a real treat for the eyes!

Transformed into a bird in  A Short Hike, voted best independent game of the year 2019, it is to conquer the mountain that you finally set out in the hope of finding a point where the network will allow you to have a go. phone.

In the meantime we climb, we exchange with the characters and we go deeper and deeper into this universe which has many surprises in store for us.

A real gem to complete in just two hours, far from the titanic lifespan of Animal Crossing: New Horizons! However, it is difficult to tackle holiday games without talking about bells, fishing, picking flowers, and sandy beaches.

Choose your little piece of nature, develop your activities, customize ad infinitum and show greatness by helping other adventurers. Real moments of escape in perspective that no Tom Nook will be able to disturb!


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